NW Dance Project

Some of the best dancers you will ever see
– Calgary Herald

One of America’s hottest dance companies
– WE Vancouver

Versatile, high-powered contemporary dance company
– ArtsWatch

NW Dance Project proudly features North America’s most jaw-dropping contemporary dancers performing all original creations from the leading dance makers around the world.

Our full touring repertoire can be found in the Repertoire section of our website.

In addition to crowd pleasing performance, NW Dance Project loves to connect with audiences and provide community enrichment through our interactive outreach programs.

For Booking Info + Presenter Packet Contact
Katie Holliday / Company Manager
503.828.8285 | katie@nwdanceproject.org


Exclusive Tour Direction for Germany, Benelux Countries, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Austria

Franziska Grevesmuehl
Norddeutsche Konzertdirektion Melseine Grevesmühl GmbH
+49 (0) 471 982 4 982

There is dance and then there is
NW Dance Project

"some of the best dancers you will ever see" - Calgary Herald