Pretty Creatives


Submissions for NW Dance Project’s 2016 Pretty Creatives International Choreographic Competition are now being accepted.
All submissions must be received by March 25, 2016.

Pretty Creatives International Choreographic Competition

NW Dance Project has announced our call for entries for our 2016 Pretty Creatives International Choreographic Competition to identify two emerging choreographers who will have an opportunity to create an original work during our annual summer LAUNCH project.

NW Dance Project is committed to working with artists of diverse experiences and backgrounds, and utilizes our Pretty Creatives Project as a way to help develop voices in dance.

Selected choreographers will participate in a six-day summer residency, July 11 to 16 / 2016 during our LAUNCH: 11 project. During the residency period, selected choreographers will be offered two 3-hour daily creative periods with each of the two groups of dancers during which they will have an open forum to create and develop new choreographic material.

An informal presentation of the resulting “works-in-progress” or completed works will be shown at Lincoln Performance Hall on July 16 / 2016 at 7:30PM and is open to the public. Choreographers will be asked to work with all our LAUNCH dancers, but the developed piece can be set on a smaller group of dancers. Northwest Dance Project’s Artistic Director, Sarah Slipper, will help guide this residency.

All submissions must be received by March 25, 2016.

Pretty Creatives residency includes:

  • Creative honorarium
  • 6 days of rehearsal time with dancers (18 hours each group total)
  • Travel to and from Portland, per diem, and hotel accommodations
  • Public presentation in theater setting

To apply for consideration, choreographers must send (there is no application form):

    • DVD or online links (Vimeo is preferred) of/to video(s) of recent choreographic work (one or multiple works, not to exceed 10 minutes in total length – please do not submit highly edited material).
    • Current résumé or CV plus choreographic biography.
    • Brief proposal (no longer than one page) of choreographic intent, which may include style of dance, number of dancers, musical selection, length, scope, format, etc. (non-binding).
    • $35 application fee (in US  Dollars – US check or bank draft payable to NWDP, or paid on-line +$5). If paying online, please pay prior to submission and indicate on-line payment in your materials (and don’t forget to include your paperwork video link[s]).

All submissions must be received by March 25, 2016.

If sending your submission electronically, please send to

If sending your physical submission, please send to:
NW Dance Project
PO Box 42488
Portland, OR 97242