Jesus Rodales

Jesus Rodales is a Hillsboro native. He started his dance career as a freestyler, specializing in Tutting and Popping. He later joined Element Dance Studio’s Competition Company at age 17 expanding his knowledge to other styles of Hip Hop and Break Dancing. He discovered his hero’s shortly after such as Mr.Wiggles, Lyle Beniga.

Jesus has danced as a backup dancer for artists such as Lovey James and Michael Knight. He also appeared in Lovey James’ music videos “Who You Are,” and “Rollercoaster” He is also a featured choreographer as well as dancer for Element’s own NW Reign.

Jesus has a thirst for knowledge and relaying what he has learned to his students. He is constantly training to better himself as a dancer and instructor.  He continues to study alongside his families NW Riegn and Soultrigger. Popping, Waving, Tutting, and Party Dances are his favorites styles to play with and through these styles he develops his own. Jesus enjoys sharing and learning from others in cyphers, yet he is also a fierce competitor among some of the NW best freestyle competitions.

Having an Entrepreneurial Mindset, Jesus is Co-founder of “Find A Way Threads” a lifestyle brand dedicated to its self-explanatory purpose. Through “Find A Way”, they hope to help create opportunities for their community! Jesus is a visionary with who wants the best for the people around him.