Morgan Moore

Morgan Moore brings over 25 years of experience in movement. She started dance training in high school and trained actively until completing a BA in Dance and Arts and Letters from Portland State University in 1991. After earning her BA she moved to Chicago and earned a complete certification in The Pilates Method from Body Balance LLC in 2000. Morgan has always stayed active in training and teaching and has trained populations ranging from professional athletes to delicate seniors. She has extensive experience working with pregnancy, rehabilitation and recovery. Her training and influences also include: Feldenkrais, Alexander Method, Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, and Thai massage to name a few. Before entering graduate school, Morgan was hired to create and teach seminars for Mixed Martial Arts students in Baltimore, New Jersey, Los Angeles and both Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. In 2010 Morgan completed a MA in Conflict Resolution with a strong focus on Restorative Justice. Through the influence of her graduate work and her volunteer work in the Oregon prison system she has begun developing her own practice in Trauma-Informed Body Care as well as somatic awareness in Mindfulness and Restorative Justice applications. Morgan enjoys working with people as a whole, building relationships and developing and achieving goals for the body and the mind together, “mens sana in corpore sano,” a sound mind in a sound body.