I took some time to really research young, rising choreographers — edgy and talented emerging dance makers from around the world, and I picked the best of the best for this special program. These are four names the dance world will be abuzz about in the coming seasons and they all have a sense of daring innovation and a contemporary ballet aesthetic that is perfectly suited to our company of fearless, classically trained dancers. I can’t wait to see this show!

Sarah Slipper

These four amazing choreographers are definitely on the rise (NEW), creating exciting and innovative contemporary ballet works (NOW) and unbelievably talented (WOW!).

“We are so excited to be back in Lincoln Hall — to be the first dance company and show in the newly reappointed theater,” Slipper says. “It’s where we started and we’re thrilled to return.”

The four choreographers selected to create new works for NWDP — Loni Landon from New York, Andr√© Mesquita from Portugal, London-born Ihsan Rustem and Olivier Wevers from Belgium and current principal dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet — will do so in the company’s beautiful, historic studio in Portland, Oregon, and each will have complete artistic freedom and the resources to bring their most daring ideas to life.