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Oregon Tour Previews

April 15, 2017  |  News

NW Dance Project hits the Oregon roads, returning to Medfrd and making our Corvallis debut! Both stops were the subject of terrific press previews. Looking forward to our fourth Medford performance, The Rogue Valley Messenger said, “NW Dance is not like many dance companies. It is (sorry for the pun), a step above. In fact, NW Dance Project is a full head-shoulder and thrown way up in the air above most dance companies. Truly one of the best in the country, if not the world.” Tom Strini of The Corvallis Review stopped by the studio for a tour rehearsal, saying, “The company’s whitewashed, sunlit studios — in a former motorcycle factory on NE 10th Avenue in Portland’s rapidly developing inner east side — felt like a happy place…with everyone good-natured, focused, eager to improve and tireless in going about it…Today, Slipper employs her dancers full-time for 36 or more weeks a year, provides health insurance and, except for performances, gives them weekends off. All this is extremely rare in the beautiful, but perpetually threadbare, world of dance. Rarer still: The all-new-work policy established from the start.”