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NW Dance Project holds exceptional classes for adults in a variety of styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, modern, and fitness classes. Classes are taught by a variety of instructors and coaches with years of professional experience in their dance disciplines.

All are welcome!


We are thrilled that you can join us for drop-in dance classes in the studio!


DROP IN – $20 per class
CLASS CARD – 10 classes for $165 – expires 3 months from date of purchase

  • No credit or reimbursement will be given for late cancellations or for not showing up for a reserved class.
  • All students must be 13+ to attend adult classes.
  • Before class registration, please read COVID -19 policies.


  • Comfortable form-fitting athletic dance wear (leotard, sport Ts, tights, shorts, etc.)
  • Long hair pulled back or clipped
  • All dancers should wear ballet slippers (non-black in color)
Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop and
Rock Your Body ATTIRE:
  • Dance, yoga or athletic wear
  • Long hair pulled back or clipped
  • Bare feet, socks or ballet slippers appropriate. No dark-soled shoes

We recommend The Leotard for all your dancewear needs.

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!


For beginners, classes are a fun way to get fit while gaining dance experience. For more experienced dancers, classes are more technical, advanced, and challenging.

BALLET – Our ballet dance classes provide a basic grounding in ballet fundamentals and basic ballet technique. Placement, balance, posture, coordination, musicality, and alignment are clearly explained and emphasized. These classes offer a comprehensive barre and continue into a focused and structured center exercises.

CONTEMPORARY MODERN – Contemporary Modern is designed to improve technique, flexibility, stamina, and artistry. Proper technique will be used as a departure point from which students will take risks and explore the freedom found within contemporary movement. Contemporary fuses contemporary dance styles with jazz, ballet, and world dance influences. It emphasizes and develops proper body alignment, strength and flexibility, rhythmic and musical phrasing, and self-expression. A fun, expressive combination of global music and movement.

HIP HOP – Our hip hop dance classes introduce the street dance styles from the Bronx and beyond. Fresh, funky, and soulful expression of movement that is constantly evolving. A great and fun work out for all dance enthusiasts.

ROCK YOUR BODY – Do you want to have fun and get fit? Join us for some upbeat grooves from the past to present. This energetic and energizing class will take you on a journey through stylized jazz movement, contemporary dance technique, strengthening exercises, and low impact cardio. After getting your heart rate up by moving through a dynamic, dance-inspired, full body workout, we'll cool down with some gentle yoga/stretching.