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Here + Now Outdoor Performances

October 1, 2020  |  News

A joyous celebration of the power of live art in this time of isolation.
We were so thrilled to have offered our first live dance+music performances in over six months. A big thank you to all our fans, subscribers, and donors for your ongoing support — we couldn’t do it without you. One audience member noted that the performance “was like a glass of water in the desert,” while another commented “The performance really conveyed the feeling of living in the strange and trying times we find ourselves in. It was stunning and delightful.”
A big shout out to our amazing company artists and musician, Skip vonKuske, and to Sarah Slipper for her unique and imaginative concept and direction. Bravo.
HERE+NOW was created, produced, and performed during the time of COVID restrictions following all health and safety guidelines. These special performances were sponsored in part by Zidell Yards.
Dancers: Jihyun Kim (pictured), Elijah Labay (pictured), Franco Nieto, Andrea Parson, and Julia Radick.
Photo: Blaine Truitt Covert