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In Good Company In Review

December 8, 2014  |  News

In Good Company has had an amazing set of sold-out shows at the stunning Vesta Building. Willamette Week notes the hour-long thematically linked show:

“fits right in with the environment: the atrium of the Vestas Building, formerly the Meier & Frank warehouse…In Good Company relies on a campy, winking spirit…it’s hard not to smile…the show is relaxed, cheerful and warm. We already know we’re in good company with dancers like these, so it’s nice to see them let loose.”

AMBIT Magazine loves the show and our audience, saying with praise:

“I am in good company. NW Dance Project’s audience comes off to me more friendly than the average crowd. There is something to this, the show was definitely a feel-good affair, and we’re all happy to exist in this architectural monument. The building is tremendous. Eleven vignettes are strung together with fluidity, at least one piece is choreographed by each dancer…it all came together as one. The work is energetic and ripe with fanfare. Sketch comedy breaks through with Chaplin-esque character drama, graceful prat falls, and neatly depicted situations. There is interactivity, especially during The Future Face of Rubber Gloves bit, earning roars of laughter from the audience. Typically, a fine arts scene holds the applause between sections, carefully observing, but after that half-way point, the gloves were off in the best way with hands clapping. Standing ovation is volunteered without hesitation.”