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Louder Than Words In The News

March 22, 2015  |  News

Fantastic audience responses to our Louder Than Words shows complete with a mid-show standing ovation after Sarah Slipper’s Casual Act – and the press loves the show as well! Oregon Arts Watch notes:

“The company’s eight dancers were in peak form, showcasing their considerable skills in reprises of artistic director Sarah Slipper’s Casual Act, which got a well-deserved standing ovation, and Lucas Crandall’s Blue. But for me the most exciting work was the premiere of Yidam, by Ihsan Rustem. It’s noteworthy not just because of what it delivers but also because of what it promises: Rustem has just accepted a three-year appointment as NDP’s resident choreographer, and Yidam is a promise of what’s to come.”

Willamette Week raves: “jaw dropping … makes for a night hard to forget … it’s hard to look away from such breathless abandon.”

Ambit Magazine notes: “the fine-tuned skills of each dancer … the choreography confidently flexes and executes a wide range of territory. This is a performance I want to see again … I feel like I need to see again … Louder Than Words is a thrilling, beautiful production.”