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November 7, 2018  |  News

NW Dance Project was invited to perform at the Fine Arts Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, turning in crowd-pleasing performances of Sarah Slipper‘s cinematic duet MemoryHouse, You Are All I See by Wen Wei Wang, and the whimsical Le Fil Rouge by Resident Choreographer Ihsan Rustem.

In its glowing review, The Massachusetts Daily Collegian noted, “In any act of creation, there is an element of risk. Daunting, yes, but when pushed to the right limit and executed with grace, risk translates into new, novel artwork. NW Dance Project, led by choreographer and Artistic Director Sarah Slipper…stages only new pieces created by choreographers for the company. This allows them to be a “platform for risk-taking…Risk is an inherent quality of creating art; Slipper clearly carried that knowledge through her process of creation and direction. Her dancers were versatile, nimble creatures who embodied the comedic, as well as the dramatic. Their boldness, in combination with that of the choreographers, made for a refreshing spirit. Risk-taking takes finesse and vision, and that is exactly what NW Dance Project delivered.”
Read the full review HERE.

MassLive also enjoyed the show, reviewing “How do you express a sense of place in dance? Most dance groups feel like they could be from anywhere. Paris. London. New York. They all start to blur together sometimes when you’re watching American Ballet Theatre, the Paris Opera Ballet or the Royal Ballet. NW Dance Project is different. Watching them at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Fine Arts Center on Tuesday, I often felt like I could see and feel the stark, foreboding landscape that often looms in the distant horizon east of Portland, Oregon. That air of mystery that often seems to loom over the Pacific Northwest was right there from the start of this stunning program…there’s no mistaking the distinct, delightful genius of NW Dance Project’s dancers and captivating choreography.”
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