Moss Fine Arts Center Presents NW Dance Project image

Moss Fine Arts Center Presents NW Dance Project

October 17, 2018  |  News

NW Dance Project’s 2018 East Coast Tour included a wonderful stop at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech. In its preview of the show, Virginia Tech Daily noted “NW Dance Project brings a moving reinvention of a classic Virginia Woolf novel (Artistic Director Sarah Slipper‘s Woolf Papers). An outstanding model of contemporary dance that is provocative, theatrical, and deeply moving, Slipper drew inspiration for “Woolf Papers” from “Mrs. Dalloway,” a novel that takes place on a single day in June, interweaving two seemingly unconnected storylines. Founded by Slipper in 2004, NW Dance Project is dedicated to the creation and performance of innovative, new contemporary dance works from established and emerging dance makers created in an open and artistically stimulating environment. The company is committed to advancing dance education and community involvement and, in 2014, opened the Creative Center in Portland, Oregon, where company members lead dance education for adults and children through various projects, intensives, workshops, and classes, and offer opportunities for established and emerging dance makers to choreograph and refine new works.”

Read the full preview HERE.