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The Colors Of Room 4

September 29, 2018  |  News

Brown, green, grey and blue; these are the colors of Room 4. Inspired by Harold Pinter and Monty Python, Artistic Director Sarah Slipper, composer Owen Belton and costume designer Alexa Stark set the mood for the premiere of this “quirky and appealing” piece. Oregon ArtsWatch praised Slipper’s choreography, stating “One of Slipper’s great strengths as a choreographer is her knowledge of what her dancers’ bodies can do and her ability to shape their motions in surprising ways. The four dancers in Room 4 move fluidly yet somehow also haltingly together, reaching, bumping, stacking, stretching against one another and the desks onstage, creating a bumptious action that at once goes all over the place and nowhere at all. ” NW Dance Project closed the night with the return of resident choreographer Ihsan Rustem’s Carmen.