Christopher Carvalho


Christopher Carvalho

Christopher Carvalho, originally from St Louis, Missouri, began dancing early in his life at Renee Johnson’s Dance Studio in Ellisville, Missouri. Growing up, Christopher was a competition dancer studying jazz, ballet, hip hop, tap, modern, partnering, and ballroom while playing soccer and running short-distance track and field. In 2014, Christopher graduated from Chapman University with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and was awarded the Donna Cucanato award for outstanding contribution and achievement in dance. While working on his degree, Christopher danced with Fuse Dance Company and taught at Jimmy DeFore Dance Studio. In college, Christopher performed pieces choreographed by, Merce Cunningham, Mark Heim, Reggie Wilson, and Jacques Heim while studying over the summer at ABT, American Dance Festival, and Diavolo: Architecture in Motion.

Upon graduation, Christopher moved to Los Angeles, California where he began dancing and teaching with the Diavolo Education Company while touring and contributing to the creation of Cubicle with Diavolo: Architecture in Motion. When not working with Diavolo, Christopher danced with No:One Arthouse and their presentation of Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, FABE by Mallory Fabian, WhyteBerg for Gracie Whyte and Laura Berg, Jobel Medina, and Kelly Todd. Over the next 6 years, Christopher took on additional roles at Diavolo as Production Assistant, Assistant Technical Director, Video Archivist, and for his final season Rehearsal Director. Christopher has performed in numerous locations including performances at The Kennedy Center, Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde in Paris, Die Helena Fischer show in Germany, and with Diavolo in 2017 when they ranked top 10 at America’s Got Talent.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Christopher worked freelance in Colorado with JKCO as the Stage Manager and Performer for Daisy’s Day. At this time, he saw a job posting as the Director of Patron Services & Communication for White Bird and decided to apply. After receiving the job, Christopher moved to Portland in October 2021 and has been working, dancing, and teaching in Portland ever since.

Join Christopher on Mondays from 6:30-7:30PM for a vibey contemporary class that focuses on floor work, emotional expression, and having a good time.