Lindsey McGill

  • Hometown - Houston, TX
  • Member Since - 2012

Lindsey McGill was born in Houston, Texas. She began her formal dance training under Elizabeth and Rosemary Molak in Orange County, California and continued training at the Houston Ballet Academy under the direction of Ben Stevenson, Clara Cravey and Priscilla Nathan Murphy. Since graduating from Houston Ballet Academy, Lindsey has worked with Jane Weiner’s Hope Stone Dance, Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble, iMEE, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater, O Dance, NobleMotion Dance, The Next Stage Project, KDNY and Dayton Contemporary Dance Company 2. She has also had opportunities to dance in projects by a number of independent artists including Jhon R. Stronks, Paola Georgudis, Teresa Chapman, Amy Ell’s Vault, and Freneticore.

Lindsey participated in NW Dance Project’s LAUNCH: 5 project and has danced original roles in creations for NW Dance Project from Sarah Slipper, Patrick Delcroix, Wen Wei Wang, Yin Yue, Ihsan Rustem, Gregory Dolbashian, Loni Landon, Danielle Agami, James Gregg, Tracey Durbin, Minh Tran, and Carla Mann.

Company Portrait taken by Michael Slobodian