Santiago Villarreal

Portrait by Thierry Des Fontaines


Monterrey, Mexico

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Santiago Villarreal

Santiago Villarreal, born in Monterrey, Mexico, started dancing at the age of 16 and earned his BFA from Chapman University in 2019. After graduating, Santiago moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a freelancer and had the opportunity to work extensively in the commercial and concert dance world. He has had the pleasure to work with distinguished choreographers and dance companies such as Danielle Agami/Ate9, Micaela Taylor, Jacob Jonas, Heidi Duckler, Backhausdance, Mauro Astolfi, and Dwight Rhoden, to name a few. He has also worked with musical artists such as MILCK, Kareen Lomax, JORDY, and Huong Tram. Santiago continues to be curious about and eager for new experiences and movement languages and is focused on continuing to grow as a dancer and choreographer in the US and internationally. Santiago joined NW Dance Project as a company member in 2021.