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“rescued from the graveyard of pop-culture banality and restored affectionately to its pedestal of seductively oddball expressionism”

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Save Me The Plums

“…an intimate male/female duet for Princess Grace Award winners Andrea Parson and Franco Nieto, Sarah has found inspiration in Pablo Neruda’s poem, “Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines.”” (Oregon Jewish Life)


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Drifting Thoughts

“has a bit of a gone-native, science-fiction feel to it, like an equinoxal revel interrupted here and there by a brilliant Bikini Atoll flash of destruction…mesmerizing to watch.”

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“…sharp and dramatic…apocalyptic distopia… an urban wasteland with those moving, seeking protection in concert together.”

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“Dancers fall only to be scooped up suddenly and lifted at square, stiff angles, creating a consistent juxtaposition between limp and sturdy…it’s hard to look away from such breathless abandon.”

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Title Choreographer
Here + Now Sarah Slipper +
Title Choreographer
Invisible Spark Patrick Delcroix
Parallel Rotations
Reorganize, Begin Joseph Hernandez
Save Me The Plums Sarah Slipper
Sketches of Connotation James Canfield
All's Been Said Felix Landerer
Title Choreographer
Wolf Tales Company Artists
Hedda Sarah Slipper
Flamingo 37
If You Stay Ihsan Rustem
The Disowned Body I + II Kristen Céré
My Little Monster Menghan Lou
Pretty W Menghan Lou
Title Choreographer
Billie Company Artists
You Are All I See Wen Wei Wang
Members Only Alysa Pires
Come Closer Alysa Pires
Apoidea Alice Klock
Hues Alice Klock
Tell Me How it Ends Sarah Slipper
Carmen Ihsan Rustem
Visible Darkness Patrick Delcroix
Title Choreographer
Le Fil Rouge Ihsan Rustem
Woolf Papers Sarah Slipper
We Were Wolves Carla Mann
Distant Fold Yin Yue
Salt Lucas Crandall
Post-Traumatic-Monster Felix Landerer
Bolero Ihsan Rustem
Welcome Ching Ching Wong
Ice Capades Kody Jauron
DD Franco Nieto
Witch Way Andrea Parson
This Way
A Magician and His Rabbit Ching Ching Wong
Tinsel Terrors Franco Nieto
In the Shadows
Until We Meet Again Ching Ching Wong
Title Choreographer
Yidam Ihsan Rustem
Chopin Project Sarah Slipper
What We've Lost on the Way Felix Landerer
Presence of Absence Jirí Pokorný
Welcome to Washington High Andrea Parson
P.E. Franco Nieto
Algebra 2 Ching Ching Wong
Lunch Kody Jauron
Detention Lindsey McGill
Title Choreographer
At Some Hour You Return Jirí Pokorný
Between Rise and Fall Yin Yue
Unexpected Turbulence
Untitled Lesley Telford
Against Entropy Eric Handman
Before Dawn Yin Yue
How the Light Gets In Carla Mann
After the Shake Sarah Slipper
Title Choreographer
Bagels and Circuses Lindsey Matheis
Love & Negotiation Patrick Kilbane
Mangia! Mangia! Andrea Parson
Share Franco Nieto
Malign Star James Gregg
The Practice of Being Alone Loni Landon
This Time Tomorrow
You Are In My Waltz Yin Yue
Zing Simone Orlando
Drifting Thoughts Patrick Delcroix
Casual Act Sarah Slipper
Title Choreographer
KEN Ching Ching Wong
Turing Test
Zero to Spin Andrea Parson
Formidably Bright Franco Nieto
Sugar & Red Martini
The Architects Lindsey Matheis
Hopelandic Lindsey McGill
L O D E S T A R Patrick Kilbane
Play it as it Lays Gregory Dolbashian
Trace in Loss Alex Soares
When I Arrive at the Other Side, I Will Kiss You Sarah Slipper
Airys Sarah Slipper
Mr. Lee Project Hanna Kiel
Solletico Robyn Mineko Williams
This is Embracing Gregory Dolbashian
Yacht Club Kate Wallich
Conjugations Wen Wei Wang
Chameleon Patrick Delcroix
Title Choreographer
The Art of Standing Up Andrea Parson
I Love My Baby Franco Nieto
Tsismis Ching Ching Wong
Calibration of Light Lindsey Matheis
There will be time
Opuscule Patrick Kilbane
Kind of a Sort Didy Veldman
skin Noam Gagnon
Through the Mouth of Your Eyes Pedro Dias
The Great Quiet Gregory Dolbashian
Untitled Marina Mascarell
and she said... Carla Mann
Covered Loni Landon
MemoryHouse Sarah Slipper
Two Against One Lauren Edson
Harmonie Défigurée Patrick Delcroix
Black Ink Sarah Slipper
Title Choreographer
Dovetail Carla Mann
The Wall Andrea Parson
Broken Muse
Snow Sarah Slipper
Why Me? Kemba Shannon
CRASH Gerard Theoret
If You Really Knew Me Loni Landon
A Short History of Walking André Mesquita
French Kiss Loni Landon
Algortihm for the American Dream Lindsey Matheis
Free 2 Play Andrea Parson
Where, Wolf? Alexander Dones
Weigh Down Deep Loni Landon
Second Hand James Gregg
En(gulf)ed Sarah Slipper
WILL James Canfield
Illumine Carla Mann
Curved Resistance Lauren Edson
Flying E Sarah Slipper
Giggle Giggle Quack Maurice Causey
Title Choreographer
Hoytski and Luluska Sarah Slipper
Beyond Mary Oslund
Party of Two Jamey Hampton
Tango Gregg Bielemeier
Goodnight Moon Patrick Kilbane
The Tyger and the Lamb: a study Lindsey Matheis
Chee Chee Andrea Parson
Not I Sarah Slipper
Almost 12 Benoit-Swan Pouffer
Bu Ba Bee Edgar Zendejas
B.E.G. James Canfield
Chi Wen Wei Wang
Caress Lucas Crandall
Gender Predicaments Maurice Causey
Exhale/Converge Carla Mann
This is What Happens Maurice Causey
Just Like That Lauren Edson
Phase 3 Andrea Parson
aung and/or usov Patrick Kilbane
Impermanence Lauren Edson
Title Choreographer
Veli Sarah Slipper
Sinuous Tattoo Donald McKayle
Be Little Azure Barton
Life on Shuffle James Canfield
Last But Not Least Cayetano Soto
Bits and Pieces Sarah Slipper
Blue Lucas Crandall
Two Studies for Four Singles Alejandro Cerrudo
Sway Sarah Slipper
De Wilde (The Wanted) Edgar Zendejas
Sway Sarah Slipper
Incognieto Mark Godden
Lateef James Canfield
The Obliged Jamey Hampton
Excerpts from Thirst Mary Oslund
Segue Gregg Bielemeier
Short Stories Thaddeus Davis
Blessed are the meek... Lane Hunter
A Pear Sarah Slipper
Unlike Me Jonathan Sadony
Title Choreographer
Nacht Sarah Slipper
Eddy & Grace Sarah Slipper
Broken Sparrow James Canfield
Mercurial Balance Thaddeus Davis
Syncopated Gambol Donald McKayle
Still LIfe Moving James Canfield
Inner Shore Luca Veggetti
Both Lauri Stallings
Violins for Tracy Thaddeus Davis
The Nuisance of Being Sarah Slipper
Not Yet Cayetano Soto
Perfidia James Canfield
Patter Sarah Slipper
SKY Redux Mary Oslund
Untitled Cristina Betts
Last Time I Saw U Thaddeus Davis
Title Choreographer
In Her Bones Josey Mosely
Skirmish Mary Oslund
After Images Steve Gonzalez
2 Lullaby Studies Paul Vasterling
Be a String to My Guitar Stephen Mills
Vacilon Stephen Mills
Ensemble for Sombnambulists Luca Veggetti
Sort of ? Sarah Slipper
Tryptich Lucas Crandall
BAM James Canfield
Untitled Thaddeus Davis
Title Choreographer
Krow Thaddeus Davis
Orange Blues Paul De Strooper
Workshop 6 (cheez cake stirgin) Gioconda Barbuto
Standing in Tears Ronen Koresh
Burning Paul Vasterling
After the Poison Sarah Slipper