Invisible Spark
  • Choreography - Patrick Delcroix
  • World Premiere - November 2019
  • Lighting Design - Jeff Forbes
  • Costume Design - Laurs Kemp

“The world premiere of Delcroix’s Invisible Spark, an ambitious and lengthy exploration of love and restlessness, opened the program and the season. Delcroix’s most recent work for [NW Dance Project] was 2017’s moving and elliptical Visible Darkness, and Invisible Spark has a similar sense of longing and struggle, but under different circumstances. Using eight of the company’s ten dancers and breaking the action mostly into duets and trios, Invisible Spark wrestles with the tug-of-war between a private relationship and the thrill of the crowd. While six of the dancers party on in varying combinations, two stay mostly to the side, upstage left, sitting on a bench. They’re lovers, and while she seems constant in her affections, he seems pulled between the joys of domesticity and the lure of the party. Where, finally, the dance seems to ask, do we find our happiness? Why must we always look beyond what we already have? The piece at this point feels a little stretched out, with a lot of repetition that doesn’t seem to add nuance: shorter would be better. But as always with Delcroix, the movements are creative, employing the whole body, and as always with NDP, the dancers carry them out with deep attention and admirable skill.” (Oregon ArtsWatch)