Ihsan Rustem

World Premiere

Jun / 2023

Lighting Design

Jeff Forbes


Sara Estrella, Ihsan Rustem

Ihsan Rustem tackles one of ballet's most iconic and infamous works, The Rite of Spring, and brings it both up to speed and down to earth.
"...Rustem’s Spring moves briskly. Set in a primordial, pagan world, it involves tribes becoming one with the earth, culminating in a chosen one’s sacrificial dance. Only the contours of that story are present here, but Rustem, whose Bolero delighted audiences last fall, is a master in arranging bodies on a designer Jeff Forbes’ use of chiaroscuro, which makes all the dancers look like animated Greek statues...Once again, NW Dance Project proves itself to be one of the most reliably imaginative dance companies..." — Oregon ArtsWatch - read the full review HERE.