Sarah Slipper

World Premiere

Mar / 2023

Lighting Design

Jeff Forbes

Costume Design

Dayna Lanier

The Other Half of We is the latest cinematic and dramatic duet from Artistic Director Sarah Slipper.

Dancers: Ingrid Ferdinand, Joseph Hernandez

Inspired by American playwright Edward Albee’s Marriage Play, whose absurdist repetitive text and actions portray a dysfunctional marriage that is caught between torment and comfort. After thirty years of marriage, a man tells his wife that he is going to leave her. When she fails to respond to his outburst, he leaves the room. He returns three times to declare that he is leaving her. Thus begins Marriage Play. — Edward Albee

"You can always count on Slipper to tell a story...Slipper’s choreography tangled nicely with the narrative, laying out a tale as old as time—a heterosexual-presenting romantic relationship that turns toward physical domestic dispute—in a way that was both obviously violent and choreographically strategic. The man exemplifies his masculinity—miming head-butting, choking, and pushing the woman before straddling her and commonly lifting her into partnering phrases from below the glutes. The woman, who also fights back, appears sadder. She has reached her emotional limit and eventually goes mad—as so many tragic female characters do...All aspects of Slipper’s sleek choreography designated the perfect base for the story at hand, complete with witty use of Forbes’ excellent lighting to differentiate acts and along with properly ominous music." — Oregon Arts Watch

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